The dream...

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It began as the dream of a young boy


There was a boy whose family life wasn’t what it should have been.
One summer, an elderly Christian couple invited him to stay with them at
their farm.

That summer, he learned about working hard and playing in the sunshine.
And he learned about unconditional love.

He went back every summer after that. He grew stronger physically,
emotionally and spiritually.

One day he was standing in the field at that farm, enjoying the beauty around him and thinking about how much healing he had experienced here. He began to think about other children who were hurting as he had been. And he began to dream of a place like this where they could heal.

He grew up, went to college, met and married his sweet wife and they adopted two children. They shared his dream with friends who decided it was a dream worth pursuing — homes for children in a rural setting with loving Christian parents who could help the children discover how much their Creator loves them.

Will you help make a dream come true?

North Georgia Christian Family Services, inc.