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North Georgia Christian Family Services, Inc.
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Our goal is to offer alternatives for the children who need a place to heal from the wounds in their hearts, an experience with healthy family life, the chance to learn about the Creator who loves them, a home where they can grow and enjoy the sense of belonging that every child needs and deserves.

The Need

In an ideal situation, a child is born to two healthy parents who have a deep love for the child and for one another. That child grows up safe, nurtured and encouraged to become a strong, healthy person. However, ideal situations like this donít happen for every child.

In some cases, one or both parents may abandon the child. Or the mother may be too young or ill to be able to care for the child. Some children may become victims of abuse or neglect. Some parents may suffer financial or health setbacks and need a place for their children while they recover. Some parents may commit crimes and their children must be cared for during the parentsí incarceration.

There are lots of important numbers and statistics about children in foster care and most of them are overwhelming.

We believe that there is one number that is more important than all the others.

Tonight in Georgia, one child will go to sleep without any reason to believe that tomorrow will be a better day.

And that is one child too many.

These situations and others create the need for foster care. In its ideal form, foster care is a way for families to help families. The best results of foster care are for a child to receive care and healing while the birth family resolves problems or learns skills needed to be a whole, healthy family.

When circumstances do not work out for the child to be reunited with the birth family, foster care provides that safe place for the child while a plan for permanence is formulated and implemented.
The number of foster homes available has never been enough to provide for all the children who need this kind of help. And traditional foster homes donít always have all the resources needed.

North Georgia Christian Family Services, inc.